Friday, February 22, 2008


Wed, 20 Feb 2008

I was invited on Venus together with Datin Freida Pilus, the chairperson of the Cempaka Schools to talk on "Handphones in School". Datin Freida took the stance of No Handphones in School, absolutely. I'm pro.

Cempaka Schools had for a period of time allowed students to bring the phones to school but discovered that it was too much of a hassle. Now if students are caught with a handphone, they're confiscated till end of the year where they auction off the phones. The SIM cards are returned to students.

The reason I want my kids to take handphones to school is for convenience. Sometimes we need to contact each other, say if I'll be late in picking them, or if they have to go somewhere directly after school and I need to keep tabs of their whereabouts.

As for the security reason for carrying handphones in school, Datin Freida retorted, "Don't you have confidence in the school to keep your child safe?"

Datin Freida is very vocal, or as Aishah said, 'passionate' about the topic. In the last three minutes of the show when time was running out, all three of us were talking at the same time. Interesting!

There were many things we discussed but due to lack of time, this has to suffice for now.

L-R, Host Aishah Sinclair, Datin Frieda Pilus, me, Sariah Wan Jaafar, producer and cohost