Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eh Poh Nim on Singapore's 938LIVE

Like most, if not all, other authors, I like to google my books to find out what readers are saying about them. That's how I stumbled upon this little review on Singapore's 938LIVE radio.

What is 938LIVE? It "gets you talking as Singapore's only all news and talk radio station. We'll give you all you need to know about What's In, What's On and What's Up in Singapore round the clock." The Write Stuff appears under its English @ Work project in support of the Speak Good English Movement.

Do you wear suspenders?: The wordy tales of Eh Poh Nim
By Lydia Teh

Eh Poh Nim is a woman on a mission. Poh Nim, a character created by author, Lydia Teh, loves the English language so much that she has taken it upon herself to introduce new words and phrases to the world. She wants to spread the joy of learning English through her daily interactions.

Written in a conversational tone, we listen in as Poh Nim introduces new words to anyone within earshot. She uses words and phrases cleverly, providing witty explanations for their usage. For example, she refers to a plus-sized American colleague who had just arrived at the airport as "Big Bertha". Big Berthas refer to the huge German guns that were used to shell Paris in World War I.

Contributed by Kweh Soon Huat, National Library Board

Short and sweet.