Thursday, March 20, 2008

International Women's Week at UCSI

5 March 2008

The School of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts Association (SSLA) of University College Sedaya International invited me to give a talk during this year's International Women's Week.

I had wanted to go earlier to catch Lee Su Kim, author of Malaysian Flavours and A Nyonya in Texas who was slotted to speak just before me. However, I got terribly lost as it was the first time I had ventured into that part of the city. Fortunately I arrived in time for my own session on "10 Things I Learned in a Decade of Writing." The concourse area where we had the talk was bustling like a pasar malam as various stalls had been set up to commemorate this special week. The activities included a photograph exhibition on STD, food fair, a magic show, a self defense workshop and talks on women's health.

The program booklet

Part of the audience

The gaily decorated stage

Note to self : next time print notes in a smaller, handy size. The flapping of the A4-pages was a big distraction, according to no. 1 who had tagged along with me. He also suggested that I stay behind the podium as I was wont to shake my legs, as can be seen from this picture.

Thanks to Mr. Ken Choong, the advisor of SSLA for inviting me. I'm glad to find out that he has read Life's Like That and is currently reading Honk! If You're Malaysian.