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Book Review - Fun for Kids in Malaysia

For someone who's single and obviously not intending to have children any time soon, I found "Fun For Kids in Malaysia: An essential guide to fun-tastic activities for children" by Lydia Teh rather amusing, as it really brought out the (hidden) kid in me.

Separated by states in Malaysia, the book offers attractions which bring interests to children, but as I read on, it would also be great for adults (those who are young at heart) to tag along.

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From camping, swimming, to performing extreme sports and such, the book caters to the needs and interests of the whole family - and you know what they say - the family that plays together, stays together.
"I grew up with six brothers. That's how I learned to dance- waiting for the bathroom" (Bob Hope) - a favourite quote of mine, which Lydia puts in the book as well.

How I wish I could have learned capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial art that incorporates music, dance and acobatics) when I was a kid; I was really into it after watching the movie "Only The Strong" - and only managed to practise the moves on my brothers. Now, there are even packages that cater to the art, and cool parents know better than not to enrol their children in it.

All the quotes that Lydia included in Fun for Kids in Malaysia are tied up to the subject of the book - entertaining children so that they don't end up whining, "I'm bored, there's nothing to do".

However, one thing that is lacking from the "guide" book are pictures - there are only some cartoons showing the attractions and drawings of children. That, to me, took the "fun" out of the book, making it rather monotonous and detracts from conveying the fun-factor of the activities.

Parents who get hold of a copy of this book will have plenty of pointers to make their family holidays fun and enjoyable for the children. In fact, it may just earn them not only the label The Greatest Parents on Earth, but also the coolest!

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By : Nazreen Tajul Arif

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