Monday, November 21, 2005


My household has been invaded by two types of aliens.

Alien No. 1 - the four-legged variety

I first saw sign of its presence by the little black droppings on my kitchen counter. The next day my suspicion was confirmed when I went out to the wet kitchen and heard scurrying feet ran behind the oven. A short while later, I saw it. Rats! It was quite big. I wish I had a jugful of hot water in my hands so I could send it to pest heaven. It escaped. I closed all the kitchen windows but I know it could still get into the house via the toilet and utility room windows which had fixed open window lourvres.

The next day, no. 1 son said he saw the rat in the utility room. That was bad news. I rushed to the room and true enough the rat had got to the packet of Milo lying around in a box with some other food stuff. I cleaned them up and got rid of the rat droppings. The Milo packet I wrapped up in a plastic bag and stashed it into an empty milk tin. Though it wasn't fit for human consumption anymore, my dog would deem it a heaven-sent. I went out into the backyard and closed up the two drainage holes from whence the rat must have crawled out from. I haven't seen the scoundrel since but I've got to borrow a mousetrap from my neighbour to trap it or hope that the dog will catch it soon.

Alien no. 2 - the two-legged variety

The alien first took over the body of son no. 1. Then he went and infect his brother. Just two days ago the take-over was complete when it conquered the man of the house. Great! Now there are three male aliens on the computers shooting and clobbering each other in cyberspace in order to make more and more material acquisitions. Their mothership is a game called Maple Story which has sent many a testosterone body into addiction.

That's why my blog has been rather inactive of late. The computer has been hijacked by these aliens. I'm just taking it easy for now but when my patience runs out I'm going to confiscate that little Internet connection wire so that those aliens can't get onboard their mothership.


bergen said...

Do you have pandan leaves in your backyard? This works as a non-chemical repellant against rats.

Doreen said...

HAHA. Can't get on board their mothership. LOL. aalborg said...

Kill! Kill! KIIILLL!!! DIEEEE LOO!!! (The four legged ones, not the two legged ones.)

Nadia said...

rats, or mouse lydia? the former would be more 'dangerous'

poor you...we have mice problems too but only in winter so far because the weather stripping on our doors are not good and I'm too lazy to call maintenance..(sigh)
can't wait to pindah out of this apt la....mahal satu, old pun satu...just because close to campus je...

KK said...

4 legged rat or single wheel mouse? All can be right clicked?? Hey! for 2 legged father-and-son cats, they need entertainment ma! Now's holiday leh!

Kak Teh said...

lydia, i think the second alien is more dangerous...I have a few at home!

Lydia Teh said...

Bergen, I know that pandan leaves are "good" for cockroaches but not for rats.
Ailin, closing up those drainage holes seem to be doing some good. Sure glad we got license to kill pests.
Nadia, rats and mice, they're all the same to me unless they're the white variety. When you finish your studies, boleh pindahlah.
p3p4, I wish the problems are just a click away, including those "cats".
KT, nakalobuga! That's alien-speak for welcome to the club.