Thursday, December 21, 2006

Launch of Honk If You're Malaysian

Here are 12,000 words on the launch of Honk! on 16 Dec 2006 at Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel (a picture say a thousand words). For an account of the event, please visit my blog.

The registration table

The audience

Honk! is launched by Dato' Ng Tieh Chuan,
CEO of MPH Group

Speech time

The hardworking MPH gang (L-R)
Dato Ng, Mr. Tai, Alice, Kim, Eric, Shirley and Erine

With Susan, Xandria (woo-wit), Eric and Lynette (L-R)

With Connie, Daryl and Suzie (L-R)

With Cordy and Yvonne(L-R)

Signing Honk! for Ilene

Signing Honk! for Ted

Signing Honk! for young Tania

My kids and nieces the honkers


nur faradaniah said...

honk ! if ur malaysians is great enjoyeable..not boring ! :)) me as the student who not so much interested read especially english book.. now,thank god.. am luv to read.. and english book was my first choice.. ur book so inspired.. great to have it..

Lydia Teh said...

Hi Faradaniah, thanks for liking the book enough to make a comment here. Keep reading. Hope you will read more English books this year.

I(evin™ said...

Your book is surely fun to read, and I've enjoyed your sense of humour throughout the whole book. I've read "Honk! If you're a Malaysian" and also "Do you wear Suspenders?". They are really good books not just for us Malaysians, but might come in handy for the foreigners too. I hope you'll be coming up with more and more interesting books written from you. :) Lastly, you can check out my blog if you have any free time to do so. Thank you and wish you all the best :)


I(evin™ said...

Here's the URL of my blog, :) And please leave your comments at my blog as it is a really great honor to have you commenting at my blog :D Thank you very much.

Lydia Teh said...

Hi Kevin, glad to hear you enjoy reading my books. I checked out your blog. The design is very bright and colourful, defintely very attractive. But I don't understand the Japanese characters on the menu, and I couldn't post any comments either. When I checked it out again just now, couldn't access the blog.

I(evin™ said...

Oh hello Lydia! Thank you so much for checking out my blog! You are awesome! Btw, I'm really sorry about that as I've accidentally privated my blog for some reasons just now. About the buttons with Japanese characters, I've changed all the buttons to English now. So it would be easier for you to navigate, you can leave your opinions about my blog at your chatbox. Thank you :D

I(evin™ said...

sorry, i mean MY chatbox. :P

Lydia Teh said...

Kevin, oh I see... the chat box is for comments instead of the usual comment box.

I(evin™ said...

Yes, and do visit my blog often, you are always welcomed to leave more comments and your opinions about they way I write. It'll be an honor from you to do so. :)