Monday, February 05, 2007

MPH, One-Utama

My book talk on Saturday, 3 February 2007. Turnout was not good but those who turned up were very supportive and asked a whole lot of questions. Roped in Philipp Gan aka The Eternal Wanderer to help honk in the store to attract attention. Of course my own kids were there too as honkers. One-U management didn't allow us to honk outside, so we had to be contented with kicking up a ruckus inside the store.

During the course of the talk, the question of why local books aren't doing as well as foreign books popped up. Feedback from the audience, especially Anand, a magazine editor, indicates that readers look at the whole package : cover design, graphics layout, quality of paper etc. and not just the book content. So publishers, take note.

With my daughter and Philipp

With Anand - he bought two books for his sisters who live overseas

With Kher Cheng Guan, actor and cartoonist (you might have seen his cartoons in The Star). He walked in after my talk and we started chatting after I said, "Hey, I know you."


Lily said...

I enjoyed your book tremendously. I laughed out loud a whole lot, esp. when I approached the mid chapters. You deserve a bigger turnout for your coming book talks. No honks allowed, but what about handing out brochures prior to your book talk? Station your clan at strategic spots in the mall (escalators, main entrance, car park) to hand out the brochures. Some will throw them away but some (me included) will take the time to see what the brochure is promoting. It's cheap and easy! If you need extra hands, you can always turn to your readers for help!

Lydia Teh said...

Lily, thank you for your comment. Maybe I shouldn't have any book talks at all in future. Malaysians usually go for book talks of famous people only or when they can learn how to get rich. Still, I'm grateful for my small band of supporters who are there to cheer me on. Your promo idea is a good one, wonder if it'll work :)

Starry_bright said...

ahem... please don't neglect readers from Penang! I'd be more than happy to get your autograph and support your book talks! ;P


Lydia Teh said...

Hi MelC, thanks for your support. If I go to Penang for a book talk, I'd be counting on you! So, you're starry_bright. Thanks for recommending my book in your blog :)

Lin Peh said...

Aunti ! Lin Peh try to post some condemn at your wordpress blog but damn thing don't seems to move wan ! Anyway...I kasi post here la. Lin Peh condemn was:

You want Lin Peh kasi tolong promote your up cumming booktok or not ? Lin Peh asked permission dulu because some peeple dunwan ! They very sked sama Lin Peh punya Engrish ! How ?

Starry_bright said...

I'd be counting the days... ;D no biggie on the recommendation, great books deserves it! ;P


Lydia Teh said...

Hi Lin Peh, thank you for your offer. I no scared you punya Engrish, only the XX photos on your blog lah. Afterwards my kids see the pix, how-lah?

MelC, :)