Sunday, March 01, 2009

Do you wear suspenders?

Title: Do you wear suspenders? The wordy tales of Eh Poh Nim
ISBN: 9789675222085
Publisher: MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd
Publish Date: 1 March 2009
Price: RM32.90

This is a collection of anecdotes about the everyday life of Eh Poh Nim, a loquacious woman who launches into explanations of words and phrases at the drop of a hat.

Anyone with even a passing interest in the English language will find this book appealing and amusing. Phrases like "bake a tit," "Mrs. Malaprops nipples," "pie in the sky," "bananas and fruitcakes" and "satay mushrooms" may sound deliciously naughty or vulgar, but none of them are what they seem.

Eh Poh Nim, a punctilious wordsmith, enlightens readers on idioms, hyperboles, metaphors and other figures of speech with delightful humour and an insight into Malaysian life and its complexities and peculiarities.


Firhana Nur said...

I just love this book! I'm not an avid reader but once I read this book I just can't put it down. Use it in my classroom and my students love the humour and the content! Thank you for this brilliant book! Best wishes to you :)

Lydia Teh said...

Hi Firhana Nur, that is nice to know. Thanks for dropping by to comment. Getting compliments like this make my day.