Monday, February 29, 2016

Columbia Asia Hospital Diabetes Week 2016

Was honoured to be invited as a judge for Columbia Asia Hospital's storytelling competition, "My Life as a Diabetic Child." The children's stories were very inspiring and touching.

The Star, Sat 5 December 2015

CHILDREN with diabetes were given a chance to tell their stories to the world in an event organised by Columbia Asia Hospital.

The event, “My Life as a Diabetic Child”, was the hospital’s latest initiative to celebrate the lives of diabetic children.

It also marked the end of a series of events held in conjunction with World Diabetes Awareness Month and in collaboration with Diabetes Malaysia.

Children aged under 16 with Type 1 diabetes wrote about their life experiences either in a poem or story format.

Type 1 diabetes is one of the most misunderstood diseases because it is quite rare and does not have obvious physical symptoms.

The relatively low awareness on this type of diabetes also means there are many misconceptions.

“Columbia Asia’s commitment goes beyond treating the disease.

“A platform like this gives children with Type 1 diabetes an avenue to open up and share their world with us,” said Columbia Asia South-East Asia chief executive officer Kelvin Tan.

“Their stories will not only give the world a glimpse into the challenges they face, we hope it will also help the community understand them and their condition betterd.

The event was held at Sprouts, The School in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

“It was indeed a pleasure for us to host this inspirational event,” said its owner Charles Wong.

Local writers namely ninotaziz who penned Hikayat, Naga and Nik and the Secrets of the Sunset Ship; and Lydia Teh of Honk! If You’re Malaysian and Cow Sense for Young People also joined in the storytelling activities.

Nine-year-old Channery Khaw Ming Hern’s story was found to be the “Most Motivating” and was awarded RM6,000.

A story by Nor Athirah Nor Hisham, 12, was deemed the “Most Inspiring” story and she received RM4,000 while Chermaine Toh Xin Yee, 9, won the “Most Heartwarming” award for her piece and received RM2,000.

The other seven children were recognised as “heroes” and awarded RM1,000.

The children’s parents were also present to support them on their storytelling journey.

“I’m very proud of my daughter for being brave in sharing her story,” said Nor Hisham Mohd Yusof, who said his daughter, Nur Athirah, scored 5As in the recent UPSR.

A cheque for RM30,000 from funds raised by Columbia Asia during World Diabetes Awareness Month was also presented to Diabetes Malaysia.

Besides the storytelling celebration, Columbia Asia supported a Master Chef Challenge which took place in early November which saw chefs coming up with diabetic-friendly recipes.

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