Monday, October 31, 2005

Easy-as-pie Apple Pie

No. 2 made an apple pie last week. She has helped me before but this time, she did it all on her own. She took a mighty long time in doing it too but I won't embarrass her by saying just how long. It was an accomplishment that she got it done while I was out of the house, with an SOS phone call in between.

This is the recipe. It's easy to make and tasty, especially when eaten warm with vanilla ice-cream.

6-7 green apples
1 small box black raisins (the type that kids love)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3 tabsp sugar
3 tabsp water
1 sheet ready-made rolled out puff pastry (available from supermarkets)

Peel and cut apples into one-cm thick slices. Put them in a pan with the sugar, cinnamon powder, raisins and water. Cook over medium fire for ten minutes. Arrange the slices in a round pie dish. Place the puff pastry on top. Trim excess and arrange them on top of the pie in any pattern you like. Scallop the edges with a fork. If desired, brush egg yolk on the pastry for a shiny finish. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees C for 30-40 minutes or until golden brown. Serve warm with vanilla ice-cream.

Mmm.. mmm...


bergen said...

Bergen <---- anytime for apple-pie, sometimes when the craving gets too bad, I'd settle for one of those industrial taste McDonald apple pie.

Lydia Teh said...

Bergen, hey, we got something in common.

Doreen said...

heh what a coincidence. i uploaded my chocolate chip cookies entry, and when i surf by your blog, we have an apple pie entry! lol.

Nadia said...

aiii lydia...sini pie craze..malaysia pun sama ke? ;)my kids have been asking for apple pie...the mama pemalas..i like to make everything from scratch , so tu yg buat tambah malas tu hehehehe .....i think i need a freezer chest so i can make the crust in bulk, freeze and when want to make thaw saja...
but...well....ain't got no freezer chest right now hehehehe

my daughters made this thing e call Biscake though..really easy no baking..just dip and arrange and then chill and a cake to eat the recipe from an egyptian :D

KK said...

Day before, I baked roti in accordant with a given recipe. It costed me 500c and 4 hours to come out with 4 South African roti!

Later on, ting ting ting! an Indian roti grocer passed by, my wife bought 4 banglad roti for just 60c each. She said, "next time don't do lah, bo eng zhi zhi, liu duit, ko bey chia!"

Lydia Teh said...

Doreen, serendipity! Hope everything's ok with you.
Nadia, I oso do things from scratch sometimes. Sometimes tipu sikit, save time. This Biscake, can we get it here?
p3p4, I have a hunch what South African roti is though this is the first time I hear of it. I oso made roti before, in Kenwood breadmaker. So long never bake oredi. Pin tua. Like you said, ready-bought is cheap and good. But making own roti got kick mah - home-made bread lor!

Anonymous said...

hi lydia
you just gave me an idea. I'll try your apple pie recipe when i go home to my in laws in Kuching. Most of the time in Kuching I'll be so restless coz nothing to do except sleep and eat. and it rains and rains during CNY. ;-) And unlike here where I get broadband, it's back to dial-up for me in Kuching *sob sob* Hence I must try out the recipe. Hope I can get the filo pastry though. ^-^ maya

Lydia Teh said...

Maya, this is not filo pastry but short-crust pastry. But if you like, puff pastry would also do. If you can't buy it ready-made, make your own, it's quite easy. The ratio of flour to butter is 2:1, so if you use 200 gm flour, use 100 gm butter with a pinch of salt and enough cold water to bind. The trick to crumbly pastry is to work fast, don't over-handle the dough and it'll turn out great. Have fun.