Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Congratulations, Nicole!

I am so happy for Nicole Ann David for being the first Malaysian to win the British Open today. This 22 year old has come a long way indeed. I distinctly remember a picture of her in the papers a few years ago. She had just lost a tournament and the pix had captured her dejection so well that I could almost feel it.

Nicole has bounced back like a rubber ball and is now at the top of her squash career. The British Open win is the fifth championship she has chalked up this year.

Just a couple of months ago, a group of us Famemas members went to cheer her at the CIMB Malaysian Open. Armed with kompang and the Jalur Gemilang, we cheered her to victory. Of course the cheering was only a teeny-weeny contributing factor but Nicole was gracious enough to acknowledge and thank the crowd for its vociferous support.

Having got to know Nicole during the Olympic Torch Run in Greece last year, made me jubilate all the more on her behalf. She is a friendly, down-to-earth and humble person and has absolutely no airs about her at all. She's currently World No. 3 and I hope she'll climb up to the top spot soon.

Nicole should be an inspiration to our sports people. Malaysians can make a mark in the international sporting arena. We need not be Jaguh Kampung. Nicole is proof of that.

My favourite sport is badminton, so that's about the only game I'll watch on telly. Whenever I see our shuttlers crumbling under pressure, I'm dismayed at their weak mental strength. Compare that to other players, the Danes for example. In one All-England tournament, the Danish double players were down against their opponents (Indonesian or Chinese, I can't remember). It looked almost certain that Denmark will lose. However, in the face of defeat, the Danes coolly fought back point by point and emerged victorious in the tournament. That's the spiritlah!

Fight till the end! Aiyo, I remember one game where a Malaysian shuttler was so badly affected by the umpire's biased decision that he lost his concentration after that. It was a fast downhill ride from there. The Malaysians lost that match. When it comes to fighting spirit, especially in badminton, hats off to Foo Kok Keong. His never-say-die attitude will long be remembered.

In fact, all of us, whether sportsmen or laymen should take a leaf out of Foo's book. Don't give up without a fight.

Which was what Nicole did. Go, Nicole, go!


AdieJin said...

hehehe..u sure u'r watching the game ah ?? badmnton players have nice slim figures, less mascular but strong and so hensome..hehehehe..

Ordinary Superhero said...

Congrats to Nicole. Many of our sportsmen/women need to learn from her determination.

Agree with you on Foo Kok Keong's fighting spirit. We couldnot see that anymore in the current shutlers.

Kak Teh said...

Congratulations Nicole! How I missed doing the All England Badminton! Used to go to Birmingham every year and enjoyed watching them prancing in the arena - all the Sidek brothers - Alas the father has just passed away. The players from china and korea - oh my God - they are like sleek animals jumping up and down - just mesmerising!

marsha said...

Badminton is my fave sport too and I think I know which match you're talking about (the Danes winning). Congrats to Nicole and a pat on her back for having the never-say-die attitude and mental strength to fight until the 'whistle goes off' - as a figure of speech.

If given a chance, I would love to have Nicole as a daughter. She, not only makes her parents and family proud, she makes the entire nation applaud her in-the-ring grit and guts.

Bravo, bravo!!

Lydia Teh said...

Adiejin, Who's the most hensem of all badminton players ah? Toss up between Wong Choon Hann and Lee Wan Wah? Hafiz Hashim?
O/S : Hear, hear.
KT : Yes, the senior Sidek has certainly done a lot for Msian badminton.
Marsha : Must tell my girls to look up to Nicole instead of Avril and Britney and Stacy.

The Visitor said...

yep, Nicol is a very nice and decent human being, very real. she was so much fun to hang out with.

our Greece trip was the ultimate, eh? i had so much fun there, it still feels unbelievable. i still dream of the blue, blue sea and the blue, blue summer sky.

Lydia Teh said...

Visitor, such sweet memories. It's the best trip ever that money can't buy. Still remember you sharing your sunblock on the way up the Acropolis. Thanks.

Ordinary Superhero said...

Lydia, the 'hensemest'? of the 3, Hafiz wins hands down. But that's where the problem starts for him.

Emmmh, remember misbun's remark about him (hafiz), he's more concerned about which perfume to use for training (or something to that effect).

Anonymous said...

nice 1. hahaha.......hello aunty chong foo. Ini Daryl dan Ern Shern......faham.....nice blog....so chun

Lydia Teh said...

Hi Daryl and Ern Shern. Thanks for your comment. You guys are the second to comment on the blog, after Benjamin. Pls visit again but after doing your homework and whatever it is you need to do first, ok? Don't want your parents to come after me!

Lydia Teh said...

O/S, Really!!?? How come perfume co never ask him to endorse sports deodorant or something like that ah?