Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blogging for Writers

Photo opportunity before the event :
Standing (L-R) Tunku Halim, me and David Byck
Sitting : Nizam and Sharon

The session was held at MPH, One-Utama today. David Byck moderated the forum. Nizam Zakaria, Sharon Bakar and I were there as forum panelists. Unfortunately, not many attendees were there. Three of us shared our blogging experience.

Sharon has been blogging for close to three years. She started her blog because there wasn't any discussion on the writing scene back then. She wants people to know about books and writing. As a result of her blog, she secured a monthly column and many of her published articles began as blog entries.

Nizam found out early on that his works wouldn't be published by traditional publishers because of the unconventional themes he explores such as homosexuality. So he started his blog in 2002 to publish his novel online. Then "magic happened." People actually read his work and requested further chapters. His blog helped him to establish a fan-base and get noticed by publishers and directors. He was offered a scriptwriting gig and his current day job was a direct spin-off from his blog too. He is slated to write a 26-episode drama and his director has given him free rein to cast the actors of his choice.

Unlike Sharon and Nizam, I'm still waiting to be 'discovered." My blog is a tool for me to keep in touch with readers and writer-friends. But it has helped me in my writing endeavours too. One example I like to quote is the suggest-a-title contest which snared me the wonderful title of Honk! If You're Malaysian.

David did a great job moderating the forum, asking all the right questions and getting the small audience to participate. His whole family was there to support him. It was great to meet up with Tunku Halim too though he had to rush off for another appointment. After the event, Eric Forbes, Lynette & hubby and I had a sumptious lunch before checking out my clone. It turned out that shortly after we left, Marsha happened to come along. Not only did she buy Honk! but she also took a pix of the standee and posted it on her blog. Thank you, Marsha.

Xeus blogged about the event too.

Lydia x 2, Eric and Lynette


Xeus said...

Heh heh, fun afternoon eh? I shouldn't take photos yet, still obviously paralysed half face. But you're so photogenic!

Lydia Teh said...

Xeus, thanks for your support. If you didn't mention about your face, I wouldn't have known either. Hope you'll be 100% recovered soon.

tunku halim said...

Lydia - so sexy lah, wish I could've taken away your cardboard clone with me!

Lydia Teh said...

Tunku Halim, if you take away, how to sell more books lah?