Sunday, January 28, 2007

Borders, The Curve

My first book talk on Sunday, 28 January 2007 at Borders, The Curve.

Got my kids, nephews and niece to circulate around the mall, honking the roti horn to attract attention of shoppers. Alas, realized too late that the sign they carried (with details of the event) was too small. Have to make a bigger sign for the next talk. The kids were queried by a security guard for honking. Luckily, Aaron from Borders had the foresight to give me a copy of the email where The Curve management has granted permission for the honking. Maybe next time, we'll have a bigger turnout :)

The Honkers at the concourse of The Curve which is all decked up for the arrival of Spring.

Strategic location with the Borders logo in the background. Note the roti-horn on the left.

My friend, Sui Lin, who was at The Curve (she didn't know I was there for the book talk), spotted my son and nephew honking away and came for the talk.

Nor Azian : we were members of the YWCA novice writers club aeons ago. (This pix is taken by my 6-year old).

With kuE, a blogger who hails from Kuala Kangsar. She blogged about the event too.

Strong supporters : (L-R) Lynette Kwan, my daughter Su Yen, Yvonne Lee and her daughter, Eva. Yvonne's husband and son were there too. They bought two books on top of the copy I've given Yvonne as an endorser. Awesome support!

Part of the audience.

Note : Thanks to Yvonne for sharing some of the pictures above.


ku E said...

wow... so i was at your first book talk? i really dunno and didn't realize it at all hehe... and hey... it was a nice pic by your little girl.

why don't you try to arrange the same event out of kl--book talk-cum-holiday, like mph ipoh and mph gurney plaza too. i am sure that its gonna be fun. i could be there again! ;)

chin12 said...

Hi Lydia, I dont know that you look so gorgeous in person!

Your avid reader;

Lydia Teh said...

kuE, Thank you for your support. I actually did that for my very first book, Congratulations! You have won. I was in Penang for a holiday and arranged for a book talk in MPH Gurney Plaza (I think) - it was a disaster. Nobody turned up at all. At least in the Klang Valley, I can still count on friends and family for support.

chin12, thanks for popping by. Were you there at the book talk? No-lah, I'm not gorgeous. I only look nice in print after all the various tricks have been applied to make me look good. Aren't I so Malaysian - very difficult to accept compliment :)

ku E said...

oh i'm so sorry linda, maybe the mph there didn't do much to help you. well what i could say is, 'ipoh mali talak sombong wohh...' ;)

ku E said...

woik opss... sorry, there was a typo error. i wanted to type lydia not linda :|

Lydia Teh said...

kuE, I'll certainly keep that in mind, Ipoh mali :)