Saturday, March 03, 2007

Book Talk, Borders Berjaya Times Square

The book talk today is the last in the series to kick off Honk! This time I did something different. I got Kenny Mah, a blogger I met at the last book talk, to interview me. He asked two interesting questions :

1. What are my favourite pieces in the book? Fortunately, he also provided me the answer, i.e. they’re like children, no favourites, please. But if I have to choose, they’d be We’re Malaysianslah, We don’t Kiss, None of Your Business, oh and 55 other essays.

2. Would I be apprehensive of being pigeon-holed as a humour writer? Nope! Let me be a humour writer like my favourite American humourist, Erma Bombeck or Dave Barry or Kevin Cowherd. That’s not to say I wouldn’t try my hand at other genres. Already inching into fiction with the acceptance of my story in Dark City 2.

Kenny did a great job as an emcee. He now has another option to add to his increasingly crowded plate which includes book cover and poster designing.

Only a small crowd but they paid rapt attention. I'd rather have this than a big crowd that is inattentive. The girl in black on the second row was such a dear. Halfway through the interview, she excused herself with "Sorry I have to go to work now." I wish she could've stayed, she was hanging on to every word that was said.

Kicked off the session by throwing mandarins to members of the audience who contributed a Malaysian trait. Even those who were standing in the vicinity got caught up in the fray.

Truly appreciate this group of staunch supporters. Thank you, guys!
(Standing L-R) zewt who postponed his movie to come here, Tunku Halim, Eric Forbes, Spiffy who came in after the interview was over, Lynette Kwan and Joel.
(Sitting L-R) Kenny, me and Daryl. Daryl and Joel are brothers. I roped them in as honkers as my children were not available.

This boy got Honk! for his lecturer, Dr. Gopala. What a lovely gesture.

Norman fits the ideal audience profile. He participated, listened and laughed at all the right places.

Life's Like That as a thank you present to Kenny for interviewing me.

"Thank you, Kenny and Lydia for putting me to sleee... zzzzz..." The bookcover draped over him provides a touch of irony.

Note : Thanks to Tunku Halim for taking the pix, especially the last one there.


Kenny Mah said...

Oh dear, I guess now it's my turn to write my take on the events. It was such a fantastic experience, Lydia.

Thanks so much for asking me to do it! And I love your book!! :D

gRaCe said...

hahha...i loved the last pic. it's just classic! =)

it was my pleasure to be there on sat was fun! ;o)

yes, get urs done then i can linked to both of you. hahah.. *lazy oink! typing here...*

Lydia Teh said...

Kenny, terima kasih. I'm glad you enjoyed the experience and Life's Like That. Kenny boleh!

Grace, don't forget to come to the next litbloggers at MPH Bangsar, ok.

Xeus said...

Lydia, finally! Kenny and I were wondering when you were going to post this. It was a fun afternoon. Glad it was a success!

zewt said...

Funny seeing my face in the internet.

Anyway, the book is really good. I see myself in a lot of the stories haha!

gRaCe said...

yes, yes Lydia..will definitely be there and this time i'll make sure to be there on time. =D

Lydia Teh said...

Xeus, thanks for being there. Can always count on you.

zewt, it's a nice face, so never mind. Thanks for the compliment about the book.

Grace, C U then.

tunku halim said...

It was wonderful to be there and to meet you guys.

Thought the talk was really entertaining as well... well done Lydia and Kenny!

Guy've just got to have him in Honk 2!

Lydia Teh said...

Tunku Halim, thanks for being the photographer. At last my photos turn out good. When my kids took them, inevitably, they end up a little bit shaky, too dark or with the head missing.