Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fun at TBS, Ntv7

Appeared on The Breakfast Show on 3 November 2010 to promote Fun for Kids. I think this is the third time I'm meeting Aishah Sinclair on the set but it's the first time I'm meeting Hansen Lee. In person, he looks more muscular.

The green screen at the studio.

On TV, this is what the backdrop looks like.

At the waiting room, met singer Joe Flizzow, Philippa Yoong, national coach of Malaysian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation and her young charges (the girls have read Honk! If you're Malaysian). It was the girls' mum (far right) who kicked off the conversation by saying that she's read my book. I'm glad she did. Surprised to learn that Philippa is a mother of two young kids.

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