Monday, November 08, 2010

Fun at Times, Pavilion KL

In conjunction with Times Pavilion's 3rd anniversary celebration, had a fun kids' event on 7 November 2010 to promote Fun for Kids in Malaysia. Games for the kids include word games, jigsaw puzzles and 5 stones (Batu Seremban). Most of the kids were quite clueless on how to play 5 stones except for a 10-year old girl who had learnt it at school. It was the adults who had fun with the stones.

Times sponsored three sets of prizes for the winners and gave out cake pops (sugar-coated cake on a stick) to all children. I chipped in with pens for everyone, a jigsaw puzzle and a small note book for the consolation winners. The youngest participant was 4-year old Hyunu, a Korean boy who was there with his two siblings. The kids were so adorable.

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