Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Flag it

I'm not one of those who fly the Jalur Gemilang on the car but I do like to see the various ways in which it is done.

The small flag mounted on a white base is the commonest. What varies is the number and the location of the flag. One or two at the side of the car is rather pedestrian. There are the extra-zealous drivers with a roof-ful of tiny Jalur Gemilang sticking out like thorns from a durian.

Small lorries like to hoist a big flag at the back of their truck. Usually one side will have a broom sticking out, the other the Jalur Gemilang. Drivers should remove the broom when flying the Malaysian flag as people may suspect their patriotism. It's like giving the broom the same status as the flag or vice-versa. How can?

Drivers who don't like fluttering flags messing up their speed drape the Jalur Gemilang across the bonnet or the boot. Then there are the sticker flags. I hardly see these around. This year my husband got one from a friend. It's stuck on his windscreen now.

Yesterday I saw two huge flags flying from a 4WD. The flags were sticking out of the rear windows. I had a good look at the car when it passed by. Two primary school boys were holding the flagpoles. Now that's a new one.

Happy Merdaka Day.

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