Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Making Up

No. 4 will turn five this June. She's already experimenting with "make-up." She has this goldsmith's jewellery box, the plastic type with a thin piece of foam inside. She poured talcum powder into the box and turned it into a compact powder case. I caught her dabbing her face with the powder one day.

Where did she learn all this? I suppose she just picked things up by watching. Same with no. 2. When she was about 13, she started buying skincare products and cosmetics for herself. I never taught her what to do or what to buy.

One day about two years ago, we were at the dining table when I noticed that she looked different. I stared hard at her. Her face was powdered and there was a touch of gloss on her lips. My eyes widened and I fired off a string of questions at her.

Who taught you how to make-up?
Did you learn from your friends?
From magazines?
What did you do with your lashes?
What brand of skincare and lipstick did you buy?
You'd better don't simply buy any products. They may spoil your skin.

Children these days seem in a hurry to grow up. The first time I used make-up was during my 16th birthday. And then I didn't touch it until I started my first real job at 20.

Today, no. 4 came and sat on my lap with her jewellery case. I had washed away the talcum powder when I found the box drowning in the powder the other day.

"Mummy, I make you up," she said.

She took out the foam which still had the smell of talcum powder and dabbed at my face. Then she applied "lipstick" with the round red eraser in the box.

Is it any wonder that she's learning so fast? She has two role models now : her mummy and her sister. Aah, but she doesn't need any make-up for a long, long time yet. Her smooth fair complexion and her rosy little lips are already sooo pretty.


Grace said...

What a coincidence! My niece Melissa turns 5 in June as well. Like your daughter, she has started to experiment with makeup since she was 3+. She absolutely loves going through her mum's, her grandma's and her aunts' make up table! It looks like they are all in a rush to grow up! So, we have to enjoy having them as kids while we can!

Kak Teh said...

I remember eating those red sweets so that my lips were stained red, or drinking the very2 red syrup - that shd do the trick and no grown-ups can tell us off. A little bigger, we'd go into big sister's room when she wasnt around!

pfalcon said...

hey, sean here... this is my 1st time tagging on ur blog... cheers!

Lydia Teh said...

Grace, When kids are small, they (and we) wish they'd grow up quickly. When they're grown, we wish they were young again.

KT, The sweets and drinks did the trick but a red tongue is part of the deal too, ya?

Sean, thanks for commenting. Checked out your blog, font too small lah. You want to discourage "old" people from reading, is it?

$e@n |_ Ïm said...

wow, izzit really too small??? i used to use that size for my previous webpage which i closed down already... hmmm, i'll see what i can do about it... thx for the comment!