Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bedtime Story : Superbaddie & Superhero

This is a bedtime story I made up for no. 3 and 4 with a little input from them.

Once there was a Superbaddie who could make the lights go on and off with just a snap of his fingers. So he went round to all the houses and flicked their lights on and off, on and off. The people were so unhappy because they wanted to sleep and they couldn't.

There was this boy called Pupu who knew the telephone number of Superhero. So Pupu called Superhero at no. 1234567910.

Pupu told Superhero about Superbaddie. Immediately Superhero flew to Pupu's house. There he found Superbaddie snapping his fingers happily and the lights went on and off, on and off like a Christmas tree.

When Superbaddie saw Superhero, he flew away. Superhero chased after him and after a while, he caught up with him. Superhero took out his Pocket PC and pressed a button. A net shot out from the Pocket PC and caught Superbaddie. Superhero pressed another button and the net flew back into the Pocket PC. Superbaddie was trapped in the screen. He struggled in the net and shouted "Help! Let me out!" but no one could save him. He was locked up for good.



OOD said...

I dont like superbaddie already! And when are we going to have superhero merchandise? :o)

Lydia Teh said...

Hi Ood

Thanks for your comment. Very inane 'badness' isn't it - the flicking of lights - my 4 year old's idealah. Let me think of more wicked stuff Superbaddie can do, then I'll come up with the merchandise. I hope you'll be the first to buy then.

anedra said...

just when I was running out of bedroom stories for my boys, I found this on yr blog! Thanks Lydia..they're gonna love this. They were a bit tired of "the baby chicken that farted" story that I have been telling them FOREVER! It's a classic from my grandma..

anedra said...

eh..I meant "bedtime stories", not "bedroom stories". bedroom stories sounds a bit x-rated pulak! haha!

Lydia Teh said...


I don't know that baby chicken that farted story. Pls share. I have a few more original and and some "adapted" stories from popular stories like The Three Bears and The Three Pigs. I'll post them later.

P/s : bedroom stories - sounds saucy.


bluemoon said...

this is a cool story indeed.. :)
i hope i can come up with my own creation like you do, once i hv kids too :)

Lydia Teh said...

Hi Bluemoon, Once you have kids, creativity will surge up. Trust me on this. Checked out your blogs. I think I've come across that bro/sister story somewhere. It's very touching.

bluemoon said...

yeah... hope so... well i am planning to write some short stories with moral values... for my kids (ahem..ahem!! planning for the well fyi, i am still in the stage of improving and upgrading my writings.. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, actually all those stories and poems are my collection... i have habit of keeping all good stories. :)

Lydia Teh said...

Bluemoon, good on you. Hope you don't mind if I say something about story/poem collection : it's always good to attribute the writer, if there's no byline, even Anonymous would do. We don't want to get into trouble for plagiarism, do we :)

bluemoon said...

yeah, you are absolutely right, will do that right away.

thanks... :)

Lydia Teh said...

Bluemoon, that's great!