Saturday, September 03, 2005

The woo-hoo did it

What have a Tupperware and a bunch of keys got to do with the West End musical Stomp? They won me two tickets to the show, yipee!

I'd just gotten into the car after running a quick errand to the bank when the cue to call for the radio contest came on. Throughout the week we'd been having a good laugh at callers who had to imitate a short snippet of stomp music. Some of them did a pretty good imitation using bare hands, bottles, chopsticks, car dashboard and whatever they had on hand but some were waaaayyy out. Hence you've got shake-shake-shake-ting-ting-ting-chug-a-gug-gug sounding like choo-choo-choo-gug-gug-derk-derk-pschh or something like that.

The snippet that was just aired was quite short and simple, so I decided to give it a try. I dialled Mix FM and while waiting for the DJ to pick up the call, I looked around my car for something to produce the shake-shake-shake-shake-shake-woo-hoo-zhe-zhe sound.

"Pass me the tupperware!" I told no. 1 at the back seat. No. 4 had taken her lunch in the car earlier and the lunch box was still lying around.

I dropped my house keys into the tupperware and voila, my musical instrument was ready. The DJ, Ika, picked up my call and when she gave me to cue to start, I tossed my handphone to no. 3 to hold. I shook the tupperware a few times and shouted Woo-hoo!

Ika laughed. "I thought you dropped your handphone!" she said. "Good luck." She would call me if I was the winner.

So we waited and waited and waited. Two songs were played but still no call.

"You didn't winlah. She never call also. And there's no woo-hoo, okay," no. 1 said.

After the third song ended, Ika aired the three calls. We had a good laugh at all the funny impersonations. We thought maybe the first caller had won because it was quite close to the original snippet. But it sounded like he used his mouth to imitate, no instruments. How can? The whole concept behind Stomp was the bins, brooms and poles used to create the rhythm. Where got gadget?

We waited with bated breath for Ika to announce the winner. Finally she said, "Thank you for humouring me this Friday afternoon.... I got to give it to Lydia!"

The kids and I looked at each other and whooped with delight.

Woo-hoo! I won! It's the woo-hoo that did it, I'm sure of that. And of course the tupperware and the bunch of keys too.

Stomp, here we come!


Kak Teh said...

Lydia!!!! congratulations! Now i know why you are qualified to write that book! I have tried many times to win £10,000 but never got thru! hehe! have a nice time - bring some drinks in that lucky Tupperware!

Lydia Teh said...

Kak Teh

Thanks. You should try those contests that had a RM2,000 cash prize or an overseas trip. You dial until your fingers drop off, pun cannot get through. But it's the thrill of winning something, concert tickets or movie tickets also never mind. My best prize is RM30K cash but if you compare with some experts who've won cars and houses, it's a drop in the ocean. But then again, compared with those who've never won, 30 gran is of course a windfall. I'm thankful for whatever God sees fit to bless me with.

Kak Teh said...

OOps, I forgot to sister won a Proton last year after winning a second prize designing a logo for a Rice (?) company. In UK it is so easy to make money - the early morning programme offer so many quiz - 10 questions - every right answer is £1000 - and they are dead easy. the only difficulty is getting through and once you get through, pray hard that your phone number gets picked! (btw- am taking a break from u know what!)

Lydia Teh said...

Kak Teh

Signing contests - I'm lousy at that. Used to try my hand at it but those "artistic" ones like your sis are too good for me. Now I stick to slogan/writing contests and radio too, if I can get through. £1000 per right answer? That's a lot. That's why some people enter contests professionally.

p/s : thks for informing about Lilian's blog.

bibliobibuli said...


Nadia said...

congrats lydia!! no 1 recently won a reader's sweepstakes and we got four tickets to Cedar POint, an amusement park here in the US which we would never have gone to using our own money LOL.

Doreen said...

Oooh Lydia! I'm brimming with Envy! The STOMP tickets are waaaaay out of my budget this month.. Sigh.

Lydia Teh said...

Sharon, Don't like that lah, afterwards I blog about it okay, so you know how much fun we've had or how much agony our ears had to go through.

Nadia, Congrats! Have fun.

Doreen, Listen to Mix Fm. They've got lots of contests everytime. Most of my contest wins are from MixFm.

XMOCHA! said...

wow, congrats..

Thats so cool.


Lydia Teh said...

Thanks, SM! I look forward to a great Stomp-ing session. Hubby not interested, so most likely I'll take no. 3 who helped me hold the handphone during the phone-in.

bluemoon said...

Hi lydia,

That is so cool.. congrats... i tried so many times calling mixfm but nvr made it through :( lucky you....

btw, I went thru you blog and i find it very interesting, so can I blogroll you?
pretty..pls ... (_")

Lydia Teh said...


Keep trying. You'll get through one day. I've gotten through several times, so it's not impossible.

You want to blogroll me? Ahem, permission granted. Thanks for asking. Next!

Ahmad Lukowski said...

Very interesting.