Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Little Gems #2 : A Little = 1%

I've always thought that riches was relative and today no. 3 just confirmed it. No. 4 was showing me a page from Ikea's latest catalogue which had a double decker bed priced at RM695.

No. 4 : Mummy, buy this for me.
No. 3 : We got no money. We're 99% poor and 1% rich.
I : Who told you that?
No. 3 : I asked daddy if we're rich. He said a little.
I : So a little is 1% is it?
No. 3 : Yeah-lah (his tone implied Duh?)


Kak Teh said...

Lydia, I wrote some in my blog - sometime ago. Here's another one:
Daddy (its always daddy): When you die, God will ask you questions about what you did on earth.
Little H: How does he do that? Does he splash water all over your face to wake you up?

Lydia Teh said...

Kak Teh, I LOL on this one. Kids DO say the funniest things.

Kak Teh said...

lydia abt memed - when u've been memed - that means - you have to recall what happened 20 years ago, ten years ago and so on and so forth - i dont know what memed means - like memory something. then tag one or two bloggers and they have to do this as well..hehe! Ithink its a trick - some big brother out there is gathering info!
thanks - i was amending the year when u visited!

max cavalera said...

Nice Blog. Keep it simple like this, please…. without those flashy gadgets and advertisements.

alsaffah78@hotmail.com (Really surprised.... You're still keeping my mail address after a year... I gave my comment on your book, last Oct 04, I guess.)

Nadia said...

cute lydia. :) i actually did tape record my daughters' chat when they were about to nap. so cute. i wished i'd done it more. I wish i have a tape recorder now. haiyaa time flies by so fast la kan, but makin besar problem pun makin challenging...sigh

vagus said...

smart kids. heh heh.

Lydia Teh said...

Max, Sure I kept your email. Must treasure the nice things in life. 'Flashy gadgets and advertisements', err.. what are those?

Nadia, Good for you! My older kids sometimes tape up the younger kids' impromptu singing on the handphone, very cuuute. I think they erase already. Isn't it nice if children can remain young forever? Less problems right?

Vagus_n : Thank you, thank you. But don't let them know. Afterwards, their head swell.