Monday, September 26, 2005

Guess the sound

We were having dinner when a strange, unfamiliar sound filled the room.


I thought someone didn't put the cordless phone in its socket properly and it was tooting in protest.

I : Go put down the phone.

No. 1 : It's not the phone.

We all listened intently.

I : Is it a car horn?

No. 1 : No. It's the water pipe vibrating.

Hubby : No, it's the train whistle.

Suddenly I made the connection. It was the new whistling kettle I had just bought that afternoon. Our old kettle gives out a Pheee.... so the Phooo.... was quite unfamiliar.

Phooo or Pheee, it doesn't matter as long as it tells us it's time to switch off the gas.

Tip for young people setting up house :

Don't use an electric kettle. It guzzles electricity. If you don't believe me, go check the electric meter when the kettle is on. You'll see the dial spinning round and round like it's gone berserk. Oh, and make it a whistling kettle, please. Without the Pheee or the Phooo, there's a real danger of burning the house down if you forget to switch off the gas before leaving for work.

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